Smart wooden doors should be made simple and simple
The intelligentization of wooden doors is by no means an easy task. What does it mean to realize intelligent doors? In the final analysis, it means that people's lives are simple and convenient. Nowadays, the wooden door market is fiercely competitive. As a result, various kinds of wooden door products with smart names have begun to flock to the market. Many smart products that look like concepts are making consumers feel confused. The performance of products can be as magic as they say, but it is impossible to obtain evidence.

In the eyes of many people, the wooden door industry belongs to the traditional manufacturing industry, and it seems that it is far from the wisdom of “tall”. In fact, "smart" has become a lifestyle and social trend. It is just like the emergence of smart phones before that year. Can anyone think of a mobile phone as "high-tech"? Many traditional mobile phone giants simply missed the opportunity. So at the end it will collapse. As a traditional wooden door company, the charm of the smart home also allows everyone to start investing in research and become smart.

In spite of this, most of the current smart wood doors stay in the "tall" phase and are not really popularized. The core competition of smart wooden door products should be "intelligence", but at present, in the wooden door market, many merchants to promote sales, add some auxiliary functions of ordinary wooden doors are also called "smart" wooden doors under the banner of propaganda, these practices are also Let consumers have the impression that smart wood doors are “not practical” and “no change with ordinary wood doors”.

For wooden doors, standards are also one of the most difficult problems to solve. Smart wood door products are different from traditional wood doors and have new requirements in terms of design, integration, and construction. The unified standards that can truly integrate the interests of smart wood doors are still uncertain. According to industry insiders, in the face of the market, many companies are only concerned with R&D and self-contained factions, virtually creating “technical barriers,” making products incompatible with one another.

Of course, with the advancement of science and technology, smart wooden doors will enter the homes of ordinary people sooner or later. Only at the present stage, the development of smart wood doors is limited. If enterprises want smart wood doors to be more popular, they must upgrade the smart wood doors from the perspective of users.

First of all, the stability of the system is very important. One of the main functions or goals of the smart wooden door is to increase the efficiency of the user's daily family life and make life easier. However, when the software is used to operate, “card stuck to death” or “flash back” often occurs, which will affect the device's execution effect. On the one hand, the second is to lower the living efficiency and make life more complicated and worse.

Followed by the popular, smart wooden door system is not an intellectual game, not to develop the user's intelligence, but can allow ordinary users to quickly understand and use, in order to achieve their control of smart devices at home and management.

The third is efficiency. The efficiency mentioned here can generally be divided into two cases: first, the objective response efficiency of the system; secondly, the user's subjective operational efficiency; and fourthly, the humanization, smart doors, intelligence is only In packaging, home is the “kernel”, and home talent is “fundamental”. Therefore, smart wooden door software must also be as human-oriented as possible and prominently human-oriented, instead of blindly aiming at new goals; the last is personalization, and every family should With its own lifestyle and unique lifestyle, it is hoped that the smart wooden door software will be in harmony with its own love and find resonance.

Smart home has entered the business of wooden doors. The development of smart wooden doors is also an issue that has to be made. Therefore, if smart wood door companies want to survive in the market, it is necessary to increase research and development efforts. Only by producing products with convenient operation and affordable prices can more consumers be accepted and consumers can accept them. The concept of smart wooden door is believed to be familiar to many people, but people really only understand the concept of smart wood door. Although the development potential of smart wood door industry is huge, the development of smart wood door is still at the stage of exploration. It takes a great deal of effort to research and explore.
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